Friday, July 29

Moodle Tool Guide for Educators!

Joyce Seitzinger published this really useful Moodle tool guide more than one year ago, but it is certainly still useful. If you missed it and use Moodle at your institution, I am confident that this one-page excellent quick reference tool guide could be really helpful.

I was planning to develop something similar, but when I discovered it at David Hopkins's blog, his blog title reminded me why I should not waste my time on reinventing it (which probably would have turned out worse, too!). Yes, check out also the Blackboard tool guide version, if that is what you are using.

So, for those of you who need guidance on which tool(s) to use in Moodle to facilitate a variety of learning activities, I believes this one-page tool guide is a wonderful starting point (please share others, if any!). Also, you will enjoy the traffic lights (green, yellow, red) for each tool guiding you in terms of ease-of-use, information transfer, assessment, communication and interaction, co-creating (collaborative learning), and Bloom's taxonomy. 

Mashing up what you want to use (technology - enabler) with what you want to achieve (pedagogy - learning outcome) on one page is certainly a great idea, and that is why I am sharing it. And of course learning from it! Thanks :)

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Joyce Seitzinger said...

Thanks for re-sharing my Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers. I'm about to update it for Moodle 2. And recently talked at the New Zealand Moodle Moot about how we are using it as part of our course design. You can find my slides etc on my blog: