Wednesday, July 13

Empowering Personal Learning Environments

This presentation was presented during IMU's seminar entitled 'Transformative E-Learning in Higher Education' last week. As my time was shortened to 45 minutes (from 1 hour 45 minutes) to do the presentation and some hands-on, you can imagine how that turned out... :) 

Anyway, I was not feeling too well (mildly!), and the other speakers simply couldn't stop sharing their wisdom and experiences in e-learning, so I have no reason to complain (will share their notes, if I get permission later).

Though, I did manage to explore Poll Everywhere with the crowd, and 50% of them actually managed to vote. Those that didn't vote, probably didn't have Internet access (or mobile learning devices), or simply were not bothered to participate. I can imagine what will happen to 'Clickers' in the future? Do we really need them if we have a decent mobile learning device with Internet access in our hands?

That's it! Like this one, my future posts until 2012 will be short and sweet, as I struggle to rethink and rediscover myself :)

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