Thursday, September 22

JiT2U is Still Under Construction, But Already AWESOME!

Just in Time Training To You (JiT2U) for Web 2.0 Tools is a mobile module meant to gently introduce the concepts and potentials of Web 2.0 tools for educators and learners.

JiT2U is designed by Prof Dr Mohamed Amin Embi and Dr Afendi Hamat from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Please share with them suggestions and feedback on how to improve and deliver a better training experience for the benefits of teaching and learning.

Yeah, I simply love the creative use of GoAnimate to stimulate interest and explain how the different web 2.0 tools work (example): 

This is probably the coolest bunch of web 2.0 tutorials (or my new mobile web 2.0 learning pet!) to come out of Malaysia by a mile! Actually, I haven't seen anything like it ever, especially using GoAnimate to stimulate the creative cartoonish flavor to exploring web 2.0. JiT2U covers overviews, applications, tutorials (video and image/text), references, and much more for tons of web 2.0 tools!

It is still under construction, and I can't imagine how popular this tool will be when it is first completed, thinking about the amount of web 2.0 tools it covers. WOW!

One word: Awesome! 

Click here to enjoy the complete Scribd version of the web 2.0 quick reference tutorial guide.. Another WOW!

JiT2U is ready to rule the web 2.0 world of mobile learning! Yes, I will certainly not develop a web 2.0 tutorial again! Why should I :)

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