Thursday, October 27

Infographic on Steve Jobs Amazing Life - Genius!

Check out this awesome infographic by Infographic World exploring Steve Jobs incredible accomplishments over his 56 years of existence (Amazing Genius!):

Life and Times of Steve Jobs - Infographic World

Created by: Infographic World

The only issue I have with this infographic is the latest stats on Apple's value, product sales,  downloads, and usage info, which are already kind of outdated. For example, Apple's market cap today has already surpassed 400 Dollars, which makes Microsoft look even worse in comparison.

Whatever it is, Steve Jobs did an amazing job to transform Apple since he returned after being kicked out (which he ironically co-founded with Steve Wozniak). It will be interesting to see how Apple will be doing in 5 years time.

As I am writing this post on my MacBook Air (having also an iPod, iPhone and iPad),  I  am certainly one of those (millions) that have been influenced tremendously by his innovations. Steve Jobs might not be around anymore, but his ideas, achievements and innovations will live on for ...


Well, I suppose it is not good to find fault and criticize a dead man (no chance to rebut!), but I suppose we should know that Steve Jobs also had a darker side (ignored mostly here to show respect), which was originally purposely left out. 

But, I suppose having a more balanced view (as Maurice Ward commented) of a man like Steve Jobs is important. Surely, we would love to inspire innovations like him, but perhaps not in manner he did it (or Apple did it!). In other words, the output was great, but the process of getting there could certainly have been done in a more humane manner.

"Even in death, Steve Jobs can sell us anything, including the story of what a complete and complex jerk he could at times be. " 

"One thing he wasn't, though, was perfect. Indeed there were things Jobs did while at Apple that were deeply disturbing. Rude, dismissive, hostile, spiteful: Apple employees—the ones not bound by confidentiality agreements—have had a different story to tell over the years about Jobs and the bullying, manipulation and fear that followed him around Apple. Jobs contributed to global problems, too. Apple's success has been built literally on the backs of Chinese workers, many of them children and all of them enduring long shifts and the specter of brutal penalties for mistakes. And, for all his talk of enabling individual expression, Jobs imposed paranoid rules that centralized control of who could say what on his devices and in his company."
- Ryan Tate

Yes, it would have been good to have an infographic illustrating a more balanced view of Steve Jobs. 

Have you seen one that I could add to this post? 


Kolin Downs said...

Thank you for sharing, it's really awesome. I'll share it on my blogs too.
It's the great memory of Steve, i think.

Social Networking Design said...

Steve was a great great visionary.Its an interesting post.Thanks for sharing.

Maurice Ward said...

Hmmm - I don't see any details on the infographic about the workers in China who threw themselves out of factory windows as part of Steve's empire building. How about a little less sanctification and a more balanced view? Steve Jobs was a successful business person who knew how to make money - often at other people's expense.

Zaid Ali Alsagoff said...

Thanks for the feedback and reflections. The post has been updated providing some insights and links to the darker side of Steve Jobs.

Thanks again!