Friday, February 10

Empowering Personal Learning Environments at USM!

EMPOWERING PERSONAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS Empowering Personal Learning Environments at USM!
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This presentation explores 5 future trends educators simply cannot ignore, and then introduce participants to the idea of using a variety of learning tools to build Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) to empower lifelong, collaborative and reflective learning.  It will be presented at the ’Enhancing Teaching and Learning’ Seminar at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) on the 13th Feb, 2012.

During the seminar, I will be conducting two 1-hour learning sessions. The second one is entitled, "Using Facebook and Twitter for Learning and Teaching". For this session, I will basically be reusing the following presentation slides:

This post will be further enriched with my reflections after the seminar :)


Frankie Kam said...

Thanks for a fantastic Presentation on trends that we cannot ignore in engaging self-directed learning. Yes, Moodle is clunky, not the #1 choice in Web2.0 features compared to other LMSes and Web services, but it's a pretty good Swiss Army knife for people who have one leg in Education and one leg in IT. It's evolving (not as fast as one would wish it to, but it's huge and getting there!) and what I absolutely LOVE about it is that it is Open Sourced and that feeds an innovative spirit for those who thrive on tinkering and in creating a better wheel or mousetrap. Thanks for sharing so much informative and useful stuff. And love your Blog! Kudos to you!

Frankie Kam said...

Here are the links you requested.

Sorry, I don't have your Email address. Only your noreply email.

Frankie Kam said...

Hi Zaid

Forget the links I sent to you earlier. Here are the blogposts by Lewis Cass all packaged in one webpage:

Frankie Kam
BTW, please send me your E-mail address so that I can send you more stuff (dates for possible Moodle talk, Canvas LMS, etc.). Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your presentation covers some of the good things, as facebook and twitter are used a lot there are chances that they can become a medium of learning in terms of sharing something on it. I think Moodle in terms of learning management system works great, it is now used worldwide and even getting to see good results through it