Friday, February 17

Rediscovering Curt Bonk's Extreme Learning World!

A few weeks back the inspiring Prof. Zoraini Wati Abas shared the following Dr. Curt Bonk (Professor at Indiana University) video in the electrifying Learning Innovation Circle (Simply LIC! Please join us, too!):

WOW! I have to invite him to give an online talk (webinar) for IMU Learning Webinar Series ... His energy and stories could spark new ideas into the minds of IMU faculty and others attending. But, then he rejected my request quickly, promptly and gently by reminding me that he gets 3-4 requests per day, and that he cannot schedule any more right now. I truly understand!  

Yeah, both Sir Ken Robinson and Dr. Curt Bonk have rejected my online talk requests. However, IMU Learning Webinar Series is still AWESOME! Until now, 14 renowned learning experts around the world have confirmed participation over the coming weeks and months...THANK YOU!

Although, I truly understand, I am also extremely disappointed with Dr. Curt Bonk no matter how busy he claims to be, as he could have done the webinar in his pajamas just before going to sleep, which would be perfect timing for Malaysia (audio only please). 

Just kidding! Anyway, he was smart enough to share his juiciest links (URLs) about himself and his work, and that has sparked me to do this blog post!

Yes, I have known about Dr. Curt Bonk and his exciting work for a few years now, but I was not aware of the things you are about to discover now...

Did you know?
Wow! No more spoon-feeding! Please, discover more yourself!

Finally, Dr. Curt Bonk please reconsider doing an online talk for IMU Learning Webinar Series?

If not 2012, why not 2013? No, is not an option! We need your energy and stories to inspire our educators at IMU, Malaysia and beyond to be more creative and innovative in the way they engage students to think and learn. Thank you in advance for reconsidering...

Let's recapture his reaction in a visual and transparent manner:

WOW! Respect for his razor sharp quickness and willingness.

Let's hope now that he can find the time to conduct one webinar for IMU Learning Webinar Series...

Yes, after the mighty struggle to convince him, he has finally agreed (on 25/03/2011) to do an IMU webinar on April 10th, 2011. Kudos to Curtis Bonk! CLICK HERE to believe here! 

Let's hope no more hiccups to this amazing adventure with Curtis Bonk! Well, I shall say no more.... :)


Velayudhan said...

I enjoyed reading this and listening to Curt Bonk. He is very good. Makes me think that I can do more too!! Thank you Zaid for showing me the potential that is out there in the field of education.

Zaid Ali Alsagoff said...

Dear Vela,

Thanks for the input. Please attend tomorrow's webinar with Curt Bonk :)