Friday, April 13

IMU-LS-07: e-Learning in Malaysian Institutions of Higher Learning: Lessons Learnt, Issues & Challenges (Prof. Amin)

Our 5th invited online speaker was none other than Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amin, Deputy Director (e-Learning), Centre for Academic Development, UKM. He gave a sizzling and insightful online talk  about e-learning in higher education in Malaysia, and then explored some of his exciting innovation projects, which include iFolio and  JiT2U (a mobile module gently introducing educators and learners to the concepts and potentials of Web 2.0 tools).

Title : e-Learning in Malaysian Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL): Lessons Learnt, Issues & Challenges
Date : 25 April, 2012 
Time : 10.00 AM, Kuala Lumpur (Check time differences)
Venue : Online (WizIQ)

In this talk, Prof. Amin, Chairman of the Malaysian Council of Public Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) e-Learning Coordinators shared findings of a nation-wide study designed to find out the status and trends of e-Learning implementation in Malaysian IHLs. He highlighted issues, challenges and lessons learnt from implementing e-learning at various institutions of higher learning. This talk is certainly beneficial to those who are planning or already implementing e-Learning at their respective institution/organization.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amin is a strong proponent of Open Educational Resources and an active contributor of Web 2.0 resources. His publication entitled Web 2.0 Tools in Education Series, which is accessible for free on Scribd has recorded nearly 100,000 'reads' in the last six months. A Web 2.0 Mobile Application he has developed known as JiT2U (free) has already attracted viewers from more than 94 countries worldwide.


CLICK HERE to view WizIQ recorded version.


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