Monday, April 23

Unleashing the OER 101 Workshop! WOW!

This 2-day workshop was conducted at Wawasan Open University (WOU) from 26th – 27th April, 2012. It provides an introduction to the understanding of Open Educational Resources (OER), and how OER can be found, reused, remixed and created. During these two days, we explored and discussed together the concept of OER, Creative Commons, business models, and variety of OpenCourseWare (OCW) case studies and content development tools. During the hands-on sessions participants built their own customized Google search engine, and explored Google Blogger to build a mock-up course for OER fusing their own content with OER and OCW. In the final session, we discussed how to move forward with OER at WOU...Top secret :)

Here is easy access to all the links discussed or explored during the workshop (WOW!!!):

1. Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Textbooks (e-books)

MOOCs & Open Teaching

         (Online Talk by Zaid Ali Alsagoff)

Learning Repositories

2. Copyright & OER

3. Finding OER

4. OER Case Studies

5. Creating & Sharing OER

I have been practicing and promoting Open Educational Resources (OER) ever since I was involved in the first IIEP discussion forum on Open Educational Resources (24 October - 2 December 2005), and even back then I made enough noise to be mentioned for my contribution.

Although, in basically all my workshops and presentations since then have explored and promoted OER, I had never done a full-blown OER workshop before the WOU one. Please, don't ask me why! However, when WOU invited me to do one OER workshop, I just had to say 'YES'. 

The 2-day workshop went well (most of the 25 participants stayed until the end without falling asleep...LOL!), and I believe I will be invited to many more institutions in the near future to conduct OER 101 workshops?

Why? OER is in my DNA...:)


Educational Technology - Mais Fatayer said...

That was such a great presentation. You may also would like to add OERu example from New Zealand.
I think the next step is what you highlighted in last slides about learner generated contents.
However, many questions need answers, on the top, I think, learning resources quality. We already have this surplus of resources, how we can control the quality especially when we offer learning to anyone, anytime and anywhere.
Good luck in your presentation. I have learned much from this one.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback! So, which OER project is the best one in New Zealand? I will update it once I complete the OER workshop....Just inspire me with the juiciest OER project in New Zealand :)

Unknown said...

Quality is a tough one, because quality is a variable that varies from person to person... :(

However, we need to find common ground within our communities and contexts... Now that is important :)

It will take time, but I am sure it is possible...

Finding awesome OER among bazillion of OERs will become easier and easier as social curation tools evolve, so I have no worries about that :)

P.S. I did add New Zealand OER here several years back: Are they still the best examples from there?

Thanks again!