Thursday, February 28

More Than ONE MILLION Views on #SlideShare! Congrats!


If this was a Gagnam Style, or Harlam Shake video viewing achievement, it would be nothing special (Just below average). Yes, if this was a Sneezing Baby Panda (155+ million views), or a YouTube viewing achievement, it would also not be much to celebrate (especially if you are uploading cute baby or puppy videos). 

But, having your educational content (currently 60 presentations) being viewed more than one million times on SlideShare is something worth celebrating a bit! Congrats, Zaid(Learn)! Al-Hamdullilah!

Also, I would like thank everyone that has viewed any of my SlideShare presentations over the years, and more importantly hopefully you have learned something interesting, and better yet been able to use, or apply some of the ideas and resources shared into your learning and teaching environments. Congrats to Everyone! 


If you have never experienced (or want to revisit) my presentations shared on SlideShare since 2007, here is a good starting point:

Click here for all my SlideShare presentations at once.

Sometimes it is nice to celebrate our own achievements in our distorted self-glorifying minds...Congrats :)


Jik Kam Yong said...

Oh snap! This is a truly amazing achievement! Well done!!!

Zaid Ali Alsagoff said...

Thanks, Bro :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's awesome. Well done Zaid.