Monday, February 11

The 5-Day Learning Adventure at Jazan University!

Below, are all the resources for the talks and workshops facilitated over a 5-day period (9 - 13 Feb) at Jazan University in Saudi Arabia.

*Click on the Links to access all the resources shared for the respective workshops highlighted below.


This talk explores some of the ingredients top educators in the 21st century have, and how we can learn from them, and reinvent ourselves to reach our true potential as an educator.

Learning Outcomes
  • Discuss the attributes of a 21st Century Educator.
  • Explore the latest trends and methods in e-learning.


This workshop will awaken and empower participants on how they can use iPads more strategically and effectively for learning, sharing, communicating, collaborating, creating and publishing their e-learning content and activities using a range of essential applications. It will be interactive, engaging, fun, and you will learn a lot of tips on how to use mobile devices to engage your students in and beyond the classroom.

Learning Outcomes
  • Download and annotate presentations/articles/notes.
  • Create and publish rapid e-learning content.
  • Use a variety of apps to engage students in and beyond the classroom.


Empowering Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

This introduction, explores the idea of using a variety of learning tools to build Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) to empower lifelong, collaborative and reflective learning.

Learning Outcomes
  • Discuss how social media can be used for learning and teaching.

Blogging & Wikis for Learning

Workshop Materials:
This session explores a variety of ways to use blog and wikis for learning and teaching. Participants will be required to create a blog, wiki, and conceptualize strategies to make them work for learning and teaching.

Learning Outcomes
  • Discuss how to use blogs to facilitate learning and teaching.
  • Set up your own blog using Google Blogger.
  • Discuss how to use wikis to facilitate collaborative online learning and teaching.
  • Use Google Docs for collaborative document development.
  • Use Google Sites for collaborative website development.


Facebook & Twitter for Learning

Workshop Materials:
In this workshop, we will explore how we can use Facebook and Twitter to facilitate learning and teaching. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Use Facebook and Twitter to facilitate learning and teaching.
  • Create Facebook Groups to engage students and conduct assignments.
  • Create unique Twitter #hashtags for programmes, courses and events.
  • Use Twitter apps to engage students in the classroom (and beyond).


Discovering & Creating OER
This workshop will empower you with the necessary skills to find, reuse, remix and create Open Educational Resources (OER) for your courses. We will explore and discuss together the concept of OER, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Creative Commons (CC), business models, and variety of OpenCourseWare (OCW) case studies and content development tools.

Learning Outcomes
  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of OER.
  • Explore Creative Commons as an alternative to Copyright.
  • Find OER and OCW using a variety of search tools.
  • Identify a variety of web 2.0 and Social Media tools to develop OER.
  • Conceptualize an OER strategy for your institution.

Have fun and attribute (to me) whatever you reuse/remix/repurpose :)


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WOW! I have always been amazed at the graphical aids you use in your slides. How do you produce them?

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Thanks! Answer: PowerPoint :) Cool tool :)

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