Friday, March 8

580 Pictures from My Saudi Arabia Learning Adventure!


WOW! I have to admit, my Saudi Arabia adventure from 31 January - 17 February (2013) was without doubt my most exciting LEARNING ADVENTURE in my life (up until now). It was action packed from day one (my luggage got lost and came nearly 2 days after me). 

During this adventure I facilitated 10 workshops and 3 lectures, participated in 1 panel discussion, attended 3 days of conference interacting with amazing minds, visited 2 Universities and 1 school, numerous social events,  and most importantly did a short Umrah. All this was done in about 2 1/2 weeks!!!

Yes, it was a truly inspiring (and exhausting) learning adventure, Al-Hamdulilla! I would like to thank everyone that made it happen, and to avoid hurting anyone, I will not mention any names (to avoid missing others). Shukran Jazilan, Al-Hamdulilla!

Instead of sharing stories for now (can probably write a 10,000 - 15,000 words essay, if I had the time), I will leave you with 580 pictures and 176 tweets to recap my inspiring and amazing learning adventure in Saudi Arabia.


Here are 580 pictures taken according to major events during this Saudi Arabia learning adventure:


Here are all my 176 tweets (or Retweets) from the Saudi Arabia learning adventure (Tweetbook doesn't support Arabic!!!):



Coming soon! 

I have a lot of interesting stories to share, but I will need to find time for that later. This portion will be updated in the coming weeks as I recall and reflect upon all the learning nuggets and wisdom I discovered during this adventure interacting with some pretty amazing learning minds. At the moment, I need to focus on other upcoming activities and events in coming weeks ahead.


In general, Saudi Arabia is investing a lot of money to improve education for both men and women in the Kingdom. As I have visited Saudi Arabia five times since 2008 (four work related visits), I can testify to this based on my learning adventures, which includes visits to nine Universities during this period.

Since its establishment in 2005, The National Center for e-Learning and Distance Learning (NeLC) has been passionately striving to support the universities around the Kingdom to transform their learning and teaching using technology and e-learning. 

The biggest challenge today in Saudi Arabia in terms of education, is not so much technology anymore, as most Universities are evolving fast on this frontier, and have enough funding to continue to have the latest technologies if wanted.

If you ask me, the biggest challenges facing education in Saudi Arabia (like in so many other countries around the world), are inspiring educators (mindset change) in the Kingdom to transform their learning and teaching methods, and to empower them with the skills to use technology transformatively to design more engaging and effective student learning experiences.

In today's disruptive global age of knowledge and innovation, we all have to continuously learn, rethink, innovate and adapt. It will be interesting to see how Saudi Arabia continues to evolve its education over the coming years.

Insya-Allah, I can assist in this process, too :)


Nadav Kavalerchik said...

I am following your inspiring posts for a long time, now.

So first, thank you for sharing all this knowledge and experience. It is very helpful!

I would like to join you in your final comment: "Insya-Allah, I can assist in this process, too :)"

Zaid Ali Alsagoff said...

Thanks for your feedback & why not for your qoute :) Anything is possible :)