Thursday, April 11

Demystifying MOOCs at UKM!

Looking forward to the upcoming 1-day MOOC workshop at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) on the 13 April, 2013. Although, I have been exploring MOOCs in my OER workshops over the last 2 years, this is the first one I am facilitating that is focusing totally on this disruptive learning beast. Let's MOOC!


Imagine facilitating an online course that has more than 230,000 registered students. Welcome to the MOOC world! In this 1-day workshop, we will explore the latest global trend in online learning known as MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses. We will explore how MOOCs are designed, and how they can potentially play a vital role in the democratization of education to the world. During the hands-on session, participants will be divided into groups to conceptualize and design a prototype MOOC (strategy). Are you ready to MOOC your University to the next frontier of online learning? Be there to find out!


After this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of implementing MOOCs;
  • Differentiate between cMOOCs and xMOOCs;
  • Identify a variety of social media/web 2.0 tools to engage learners during MOOCs;
  • Conceptualize a MOOC strategy for your University.


Presentation slides for the MOOC workshop:


queendiva said...

I tried coursera and find that my level of motivation dropped after week 2 due to my committment to the "real-world" stuffs...Maybe the novelty effect wore off or maybe learning was too "virtual" that it didn't motivate me to sit in front of the PC to learn something new.

Zaid Ali Alsagoff said...

Dear Queen Diva,

Thanks for your insights.

It really depends on the course, but in general learning everything online is not healthy...Blended learning works best for me on most subjects :)