Wednesday, February 26

Increase Your Brain Power by Juggling 3 Balls (or More)!


Yes, juggling enhances connections in the brain! Juggling also improves hand-eye coordination, reflexes, peripheral vision and a host of other motor skills. 

Several studies have shown a correlation between juggling and changes in the brain's grey matter, the cell bodies responsible for computation and processing within the brain, and white matter, the nerve fibers that connect different parts of the brain by way of electrical impulses.

Source: Wikipedia

"Knowing that pathways in the brain can be enhanced may be significant in the long run in coming up with new treatments for neurological diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, where these pathways become degraded." - Dr Johansen-Berg


WOW! But knowing this is not going to help you much personally until you start juggling yourself. Seriously, don't shy away from something so fun, reasonably easy (seriously!), and useful to increase your brain power (at any age). Let's do it! Yes, you can...

I would like to thank Daniel Decruz big time for being the Creative Director and Producer of this video. He is still a student, so if you like his work, why not contact him for some freelance stuff

We didn't create any storyboard or script before recording. I just basically had some idea what I wanted to say and do, and then we recorded all sorts of things for roughly an hour, and then he did his magic (filtering out bloopers and noise) with my humble and challenging input to finalize it. 


Don't limit yourself to small balls or to just juggling 3 balls! Explore different ball sizes and try to do new tricks with the 3,4,5,6, etc. balls you are challenging yourself to juggle. 

Actually, why limit yourself to just juggling balls, why not explore rings, sticks, torches (with fire...Be careful!), cups (plastic/steal ones!), etc...More ideas!

Personally, I am currently learning how to juggle 4 balls properly, and then hopefully jump to 5 and 6 balls in 2014 (KPI)! So, for this year I will stick to juggling balls only, but I will challenge myself to do it in many creative ways as I Insya-Allah increase my brain power and connectivity :)


Daniel Efosa Uyi said...

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Yoga_bliss said...


I was searching around the 'net looking for others that could juggle and have MS. Am I that rare of an individual?

Be well,