Monday, February 10

Becoming Creative Super Learners at #Moodlemooc!

Wednesday, February 12 (2014)
10:00 PM, Kuala Lumpur Time


The inspiring e-Learning Super Hero 'Dr. Nellie Deutsch' will be moderating my session (Top 50 e-Learning Super Heroes).  I am one of the guest speakers in this awesome Moodle MOOC 3 course. 

CLICK HERE to view the recording.
CLICK HERE to view the class chat (text) for those interested.


Imagine if you could read a 200-page book in 20 minutes? In today’s disruptive information overloaded world driven increasingly by innovation, we are required more than ever to transform the way we learn and think in terms of speed and creativity. In this online session, we will explore some of the things that we can do to stimulate and empower our brains and senses to be more focused, learn faster, and think more creatively. The most important message is that our brains can be rewired to be ‘Creative Super Learners’ at any age.


Here we go:


Links (URLs) to all the tools and resources shared during the webinar session:

Looking forward to the #Moodlemooc session (and meeting 'Dr. Nellie Deutsch  online again)! Insya-Allah, no technical glitches, and Insya-Allah I can teach a few participants on how to juggle 3 balls, or at least 2 balls.


Here are two Moodle MOOC 3 course participants' video reflections of my online session (above):

Awesomely inspiring to discover that two of the participants have actually taken the time to video reflect my online session, and upload them to YouTube! WOW and Thanks! I am still learning :)

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