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Top 50 e-Learning Super Heroes on Planet Earth!

Congratulations to ALL that made the Top 50 e-Learning Super Heroes list! The results are based on 1861 voters from around world.

If you didn't make it, please revisit and enjoy the complete list (220) of Top e-Learning Movers and Shakers in 2013 (TEMS13) or the TEMS13 Award Winners and various Top 10 Lists

Before, going any further, I would like to personally congratulate and thank all the sponsors for their wonderful support during the 'TEMS13' project! International Medical University, International Medical College (New), iBerry, WizIQ and Listly...Thank you! 


While the TEMS13 Award was about winning MOST VOTES, the e-Learning Super Hero of 2013 Award goes beyond this as it takes into account WHO IS VOTING (Impact Votes). Also, nominees can gain 50 BONUS POINTS by being pro-active discovering, voting and celebrating their favorite e-Learning Super Heroes among the 220 nominees.

The nominee with the highest score (based on a Gamified points system) becomes the e-Learning Super Hero of 2013 and wins the 1st Prize, which is £200 (British Pounds). The Top 3 wins free (commercial) Listly accounts for a year. 

However, due to practical reasons (e.g. No time to check 1600+ social media profiles!) and the fact that these scores had to be calculated manually using Google Spreadsheet, only the following two gamified rules were applied:
  • Impact Votes (IV): Other nominees who voted for you. Each vote gives you an additional 10 points.
  • Bonus Points: You vote for other nominees. 5 Points for each vote you gave (Max 50 points = 10 Votes).

*Zaid Ali Alsagoff is not eligible for any awards as he is the originator, organizer, promoter and Twitter MC for #TEMS13.


Download PDF version!

*The 'TEMS13 Details sheet' only contains 90+ of the 220 nominees filtered out based on TEMS13 results and number of votes for each hero. CLICK HERE to access the full list (unfiltered with cases of double, triple and quadrupedal voting).

*The votes per nominee might vary from the Listly results, as the double, triple, quadruple votes by one person has been (mostly) deleted. You can vote up to 4 times if you login as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. However, that is unacceptable and such incidents have been deleted where discovered.


Oops, I won again! Yeah! Al-Hamdulilla! Thank you!

Though, since I am not eligible for any prices (except for having fun and playing) the 1st Prize goes to Juan Domingo Farnós (200 British Pounds). Congrats! We are thrilled that you have won it! 

Also, we would like to take the opportunity to thank iBerry for being the sponsor of the 1st Prize. Congrats!

In addition, Listly will upgrade the Top 3's Listly accounts to premium version for one year. Since, Juan Domingo Farnós, Mohamed Amin Embi and Alfredo Prieto already have won this for the TEMS13 Awards,  Jane Hart, Stephen Downes and George Siemens will receive it for this round of awards. Thanks and Congrats!


WOW! what an impact 'Impact Votes (IV)' made on the results! Here are the Top 10 based on IV only:

  1.   Zaid Ali Alsagoff (30 IV)
  2.   Jane Hart (27 IV)
  3.   Stephen Downes (25 IV)
  4.   George Siemens (23 IV)
  5.   Steve Wheeler (20 IV)
  6.   Tom Kuhlmann (19 IV)
  7.   Alec Couros (16 IV)
  7.   Grainne Conole (16 IV)
  9.   Jane Bozarth (15 IV)
 9.   Jay Cross (15 IV)

Only number one remained the same, but for the rest of the e-Learning Super Heroes it had a rising impact. Congrats! The TOP 10 IV LIST IS...WOW!


iBerry has already indicated that it will be willing to sponsor another around of TEMS in 2014! If it does happen, I will for sure cook up more gamified scoring items (e.g. Google search of the e-Learning Super Hero's name), and try to make it more fun and relevant than this year's edition. I am still learning! 

However, I will for sure not participate as a nominee in 2014, if I am the host, Twitter DJ and promoter of TEMS14! It was cool to win the treble this this year (TEMS13, IV rank and e-Learning Super Hero of the Year Awards), but that's it! 

Thank you everyone for all the support! Everyone who participated, voted and celebrated the 220 e-Learning Super Heroes in TEMS13 deserves a BIG SUPER HERO HUG AND CONGRATULATIONS! 


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Juan Domingo Farnos said...

Gracias a todos y a todas y habeis sido más amigos que contrincantes. Es para mi un honor que Zaid me haya cedido el primer puesto, lo cuál llevaré con mucha responsabilidad. Es por eso que os pido a todos y a todas me deis la oportunidad de daros a conocer mis ideas sobre una Socio-educación con tecnologías nueva, con planteamientos que llamamos disruptivos y para lo cual quisiera orquestar un Congreso Mundial, en el que obviamente cuento con ustedes....

Si pueden influir en organizaciones, universidades, gobiernos....os pido que me ayudeis a dar ac conocer estas ideas y esta manera de entender una sociedad más sostenible, diferente y mejor para todos sus ciudadanos, espero vuestra ayuda y quedo a vuestra disposición.

Mi correo es Juan Domingo Farnós (@juandoming), quedo a vuestra disposición, para lo que deseeis....juandon