Wednesday, March 19

Creative Visualizations of Bloom's Taxonomies!


Today, I feel like celebrating Benjamin Bloom and Bloom's Taxonomies (2 at least). Like it or not, Bloom's Taxonomy has impacted Universities and schools around the world for decades one way or the other.  

So, today I am starting a new mission to collect the most awesome creative visualizations of Bloom's taxonomies (old and new), and I invite you to help me discover them by tweeting your discoveries (or creations) to @zaidlearn or by simply commenting this blog post.


All new discoveries will be added to this organically growing SlideShare presentation (with links to download and discover more):


Interestingly, most Academics (in especially in Universities that I interact with) seem to be unaware that Bloom's taxonomy has been revised (way back in 2002).

As far as I know, most transformative schools and Universities that still adopt Bloom’s taxonomy for learning and assessment use the revised version. It is probably because it is more relevant for the 21st Century World, which is increasingly driven by innovation and creativity.

If you haven't revised your Bloom's taxonomy yet (Not too late!), it is time to rethink what really matters in today's education.

Are you up for the challenge

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