Monday, March 31

Medical Apps for Learning, Teaching & Research @Listly Style!


Yes, there are already wonderful collections of Medical and Healthcare related apps for Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices, which even include app reviews such as iMedicalApps. Cool! 

Though, we all need our own tailored collections in our fields (learning domains), which empower us with quick and easy access to discover and find apps we need for our learning, teaching, research and practice.


As a result, I am using Listly to initiate a collective drive at the International Medical University (IMU) (where I work) towards making relevant and useful apps for learning, teaching and research easy to discover and access for students and staff.   

Firstly, Listly empowers us to add tags to all items (apps) we add, and indicates how many items per tag. As the list grows, certainly tags will be become increasingly relevant and useful to zoom in what we are looking for.

Secondly, this app resource collection has been designed to empower easy and quick access to a particular app for our respective mobile devices (Android, Apple, Windows, etc.) if it exist.

Thirdly, it is indicated in the app title in brackets, whether it is free, commercial or have both versions. *F = Free *F/C = Free & Commercial versions *C = Commercial version only.

Fourthly, I have just started to add items to this list, meaning you are most welcome to suggest items to the list, too (Moderated to ensure consistent design and filter out rubbish). You need a Listly account to add items directly to the collection.  Also, please feel free to vote up your favorite medical apps and inform us if you are using them.

Finally, please suggest how to improve the collection design further (Example: Should pricing be mentioned?). 

Also, please anticipate that this organic list will grow fast and become increasingly juicy over the coming days, weeks and months...Thanks :)

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