Tuesday, May 27

Becoming Creative Super Learners at USM!

Looking forward to visiting Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) again and unleashing a new learning adventure to unlock the real 'Da Vinci Code' for creative super learning. I got 3 Hours (seminar/workshop) to do it (30 May, 2014)! The impossible is possible, Insya-Allah!


I am still discovering creative super learning at an alarming and disruptive rate! So, my insights, knowledge, skills (especially juggling) and opinions will continue to evolve as I discover and learn. And that is great news for people who want learn from or discuss with me this topic.



Imagine if you could read a 200-page book in 20 minutes? In today’s information overloaded disruptive world driven increasingly by innovation, we are required more than ever to transform the way we learn and think in terms of speed and creativity.

In this 3-Hour interactive crash course, we will explore some of the things that we can do to stimulate and empower our brains and senses to be more focused, learn faster, and think more creatively. It fuses the latest in neuroscience about how the brain learns, technology, and instructional design to awaken and empower educators to design more effective and engaging learning content and environments.

The most important message is that our brains can be rewired to be ‘Creative Super Learners’ at any age.


At the end of this workshop, you will  be able to:
  • Discuss how the brain learns.
  • Use at least 2 techniques to optimize your learning mindset and senses.
  • Use at least 3 techniques to increase your reading speed  with comprehension.
  • Use social curation tools to discover, collect, organize, and sharing learning resources. 
  • Use at least 2 techniques to improve your memory.
  • Use at least 2 tools to empower creative and critical thinking.


Here we go (Don't tell anyone before after the seminar):


Don't be scared to find out...

CLICK HERE or the image above to do the speed reading test (Alternative test without quiz).

Are you ready to unleash your amazing LEARNING POWER? :)


MurtalaKazaure said...

Salam Mr Zaid
Thank you very much for your tireless efforts in the field of e-Learning/ Instructional System Design. I have been following and benefiting from your blog, how I wish one day we will meet and discuss face-to-face ! I am wishing you safe trip to Penang.

Unknown said...

Wa-Salamu Alaikum wrtwbt

Dear Murtalakazaure,

Thanks for the feedback and safe trip wishes (Insya-Allah everything goes well).

Insya-Allah, we will meet one day :)

Meeting online is not an issue, but F2F is more of a challenge.

Challenges are made to be broken!

All the best & Salams,


MurtalaKazaure said...

Ok Mr Ali, thanks for your prompt response. Really meeting F2F is a challenge but my thinking was how we can arrange for you to come to MMU and share your vast knowledge and experience of ISD with us. Thank you once again.

Unknown said...

Sounds good! However, for starters, perhaps you can attend my upcoming webinar on June 3 - 10 AM KL time (Free):


Please invite your classmates and other MMU or friends that might want to attend :)

After that we can discuss how we can move on....All the best & Salams,


suhairisata said...

Dear zaid. I enjoyed your talk in Usm.. hope to learn more from you.. Suhairi..chhairi@usm.my

Unknown said...

Dear Suhairi.

Insya-Allah we can learn from each other :)

All the best and thanks for attending my talk and juggling sessions to become creative super learners!

We can do it!