Tuesday, August 26

Designing Effective Presentations at USM!

Looking forward to facilitate another workshop at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) on 28 August, 2014. This time around we will be challenging ourselves to design engaging and effective presentations for learning and teaching... 


Before we get busy with this workshop, let's introduce ourselves on a Padlet wall and connect in a Facebook group:

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Even if you are not attending the workshop, you are more than welcome to introduce yourself on the Padlet Wall and join our Facebook Group. Your interactions, discoveries, insights and wisdom are most welcome!


Wouldn't it be awesome if your lectures were as impactful and engaging as Ken Robinson’s unforgettable TED talk about How schools kill creativity’?

In this workshop, we will explore how to design effective and engaging presentations for learning, teaching and research. In the process, you will learn some sizzling PowerPoint tricks, ‘Gagne’s 9 Events of instruction’ for more effective presentation flow, discover other cool presentation tools, and how to engage, gamify and assess students during face-to-face learning sessions  using various  interactive web tools. It will be hands-on from start to finish, and you will be challenged individually and in groups to design unforgettable presentations that stick beyond the classroom or lecture hall. 


After this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Discuss how the brain learns.
  • Apply ‘Gagne’s 9 events of instruction’ to design effective and engaging presentations.
  • Design visually attractive slides using PowerPoint.
  • Use interactive web tools to engage, gamify and assess students during face-to-face learning sessions.


Here we go:


Here we go:

Yes, we can...right? :)

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