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Empowering Digital Learning in the 21st Century at MMU!


On May 28th (2014), a passionate and inspiring Brother named Murtala Kazaure (above the MMU logo) from Multimedia University (MMU) connected with me on Facebook (Thanks to Siti Hamimi Burkan). As we started sharing ideas and thoughts about learning and e-learning, he suggested that I should come to MMU to share my experiences with their students and academics. 

I thought about it, and then suggested that I come to MMU to give a 1-2 hour talk (about 'Becoming Creative Super Learners'), which then grew into a 3-hour workshop as we discussed. Then Murtala shared this idea to his colleagues and some MMU academics, and as a result a committee was established to manage this event. 

As they discussed and more minds joined to explore the idea, the idea grew bigger and bigger and today the idea has evolved into a full-day workshop and seminar with multiple speakers entitled 'Empowering Digital Learning in the 21st Century' (2nd September).  

Anything is possible when you have an idea and people with passion, creativity and drive to make it happen! WOW! 


Here is more about the event...

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The speakers are:

The first half-day will be a workshop facilitated by me, and after lunch the other three inspiring speakers above will share their learning wisdom (Seminar style).


Imagine if you could read a 200-page book in 20 minutes? In today’s information overloaded disruptive world driven increasingly by innovation, we are required more than ever to transform the way we learn and think in terms of speed and creativity. 

In this half-day workshop, we will explore some of the things that we can do to stimulate and empower our brains and senses to be more focused, learn faster, and think more creatively. It fuses the latest in neuroscience about how the brain learns, technology, and instructional design to awaken and empower educators to design more effective and engaging learning content and environments. 

The most important message is that our brains can be rewired to be ‘Creative Super Learners’ at any age. 


At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Discuss how the brain learns.
  • Use at least 2 techniques to optimize your learning mindset and senses.
  • Use at least 3 techniques to increase your reading speed with comprehension.
  • Use social curation tools to discover, collect, organize, and sharing learning resources. 
  • Use at least 2 techniques to improve your memory.
  • Use at least 2 tools to empower creative and critical thinking.


A digital guestbook of all the participants who also displayed a digital mindset for learning and sharing (direct link):

(No login required to add yourself...just double click or double tap anywhere to post anything)


Links (URLs) to all the digital learning activities during my workshop:
  1. Google Challenge
    - Kahoot
  2. Speed Reading Test
    - Online version
    - Offline version
  3. Participants Speed Reading level
    - Poll (Anonymous)
    - Speed Reading Tools: AccelaReader,  SpreedAcceleread & QuickReader 
  4. Twitter Hashtag
    - #MEDL14
    - Tweetbeam
  5. Disney's Creative Thinking Strategy
    - Dreamer Wall
    - Realist Wall
    - Critic Wall


Here we go:


If you aspire to learn HOW TO LEARN more effectively using your brain and technology, I strongly recommend that you attend this workshop and seminar at MMU. If you can't attend, why not send your son or daughter to attend (preferably above 16)?

CLICK HERE to know more and register!

Be prepared to juggle balls, too :)

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