Friday, September 11

NOOCify the #MOOC!

Al-Hamdulilla, really looking forward to IMETC2015 and catching up with Prof. Rozhan M. Idrus again (THANK YOU so much for inviting me). 

This post will be updated further during the conference (13-15 September). In the mean time, I have made my presentation slides and the first NOOC promo video available below.


Here are the presentation slides for the first Keynote session on 13 September (as far as I know). It explores MOOC challenges and how NOOCs (Nano Open Online Courses), NLE (Nano Learning Experience/s) and LH (Learning Hour/s) can transform how we design learning in higher education and beyond.


Here we go:


The NOOC will be made available for registration from 28 September (2015) on the Open Learning platform. Until then I will be busy building it!

It will Insya-Allah be an eyeopener to unlock the super memory waiting to be unleashed within you :)

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