Friday, October 2

First Official #NOOC: Super Memory 101

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Welcome to the first official Nano Open Online Course (NOOC) exploring Super Memory (101)! In this NOOC, you will discover the essentials needed to significantly enhance your ability to remember (encode), store and recall whatever you want to learn. By improving your memory, you will have more time to reflect, apply what you have learned and innovate new things, which is what today’s innovation economy demands from us.


Please try it out (join) and please ask your colleagues and friends to join, too. It is an organic NOOC, so Insya-Allah it will get better as feedback streams in.

Would love if you also promoted it to your students. We need students to spend less time memorizing and more time applying, innovating and transforming.

If you are not sure what is a NOOC, please read this article (Direct URL) :

NOOCify the MOOC from Zaid Ali Alsagoff

CLICK HERE to join the (Free) Super Memory 101 online course (NOOC) :)

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