Monday, November 12

60-Minute Masters on Rapid E-Learning Design & Kineo Magic!

Kineo has collaborated with Clive Shepherd and InVision Learning to create a short course on rapid e-learning design. Entitled '60 Minute Masters' , the course provides subject experts and many others with the skills needed to design engaging, rapid e-learning materials for use in the workplace. The course is free. All you need to do is register. The course was showcased at the Devlearn conference in San Jose (Nov 5-8, 2007). The course was developed in a few short weeks (within the 21-day benchmark?), using the articulate authoring tool (Commercial tool!) , and is hosted in a Kineo LMS powered by Moodle, the open source LMS ...more

Secret rapid e-learning recipe? Blending great educators with easy-to-use commercial and open source tools to design effective and engaging courses efficiently!

I discovered this wonderful learning juice after exploring Helge Scherlund's excellent e-Learning news blog (Yes, if you are looking for e-learning juice, I would rather go there than here!). First, I suppose you will have fun swimming through the Articulate Presentation - 60 Minutes Masters (74 slides or pages!). Though, I have no idea why they are linking us to non-audio version for the audio version. However, they do hint that we should register for the 60 Minute Masters course, which I did. Hmm, I still seem to get the non-audio version. So, where can we get the audio version, too? I suppose they will make it available soon :)

Interestingly, the first example of the 30-Minute Masters ... has been re-branded as the existing '60 Minute Masters' course, because the way the script turned out 30 minutes was never going to be enough (Source)! I suppose they might discover soon that perhaps 90 minutes would be sufficient to master this course, and another 1-3 months of practice to master the art of rapid e-learning design. In short, you need to Practice, Practice, Practice!

In addition to this interactive articulate presentation, the course (hosted by Moodle) also provides you with some juicy rapid e-learning reports, and some useful e-learning examples constructed using different rapid e-learning tools such as Articulate Engage, Raptivity (Interview Simulation) eXe Open Source Authoring Tool, and RapideL. Also, you can listen to a few short podcasts from experts such as Jane Knight. Finally, there is also a community area that includes a chat room, discussion forum, and a wiki (Not much activity there yet. Coming soon!).

As always, I usually discover the juiciest stuff when I go digging a bit deeper into an issue or site (by accident I mean!) . Alright, I have already posted some great juice from Kineo (links above), but now I have discovered a whole lot more. Here are some more learning juice to engage our minds with:

Overall, I believe this is only the tip of the iceberg of Kineo's wonderful arsenal of learning resources, and perhaps we should explore this site further to discover more amazing learning treasures.

In addition, Kineo is of course promoting its consultancy services, but if you can't afford it, why not at least enjoy their free learning resources. Finally, Kineo's super team of experts deserves a lot of credit for making all this juice available to us. Thanks and please keep it up! We are certainly hungry for more great learning juice from Kineo :)

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Steve said...

Hi, thanks for the kind comments. We just like free stuff and try to give back as much as we can each month in reports, articles etc. The audio version is the second one in the 60 Minute Masters Course but there is only audio from the Introduction onwards.
Best wishes. Steve