Thursday, December 27

Download 'Did You Know 2.0' With 'YouTube Catcher' (For Your Class)!

YouTube Catcher is another tool that allows you to download YouTube videos easy and fast!

I am still wondering why YouTube does not allow users to download videos directly. It would probably take their software engineers approximately 5-10 minutes to add this feature, but something seems to stop them from doing it. Whatever it is, they are creating new business opportunities for innovative and entrepreneurial minds behind tools like YouTube Catcher. There are actually several such tools already available, including, which I have discussed earlier. In that sense (and AdSense) it is great for them. However, the moment YouTube enables us to download directly from their site; I suppose we will eventually have to say adios amigo to these tools. But, in the meantime we can enjoy them to do our stuff, although it is a bit more inconvenient.

How do I do it?

  1. Alright, first find a YouTube Video you want to download, and then Copy and paste its' URL into the form below (this is just a screenshot, so please click here to try it out for real! Do you think I am that stupid!).

  2. Then click the DOWNLOAD button to start. Please, REMEMBER to rename the file with a .flv extension (Why can't it do it for us! Oh man!).
  3. To watch the FLV Videos on your computer device, you need a FLV Player. Click here to download a free FLV player . In addition, you can also convert these FLV videos to other formats like avi, mpeg, mp4. And you can transfer these videos to cellphones or Ipods!

Interestingly, this cool and easy-to-use tool allows you also to convert your YouTube videos to MP3 files directly from the site, in the same fashion as downloading them. If you don't have time to watch your videos, you can at least listen do them on your Ipod (or MP3 player) while driving, or doing repetition work that requires no deep thinking!

That was cool! Do you know of any videos that can engage my students (and educators!) to really think about their education and future careers before they graduate?

Alright, here is one video that I strongly recommend to download (URL: using YouTube Catcher, or whatever tool/way you can.

This video is an official update to the original "Shift Happens" video from Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod. This June 2007 update includes new and updated statistics, thought-provoking questions and a fresh design. My mind is already reflecting about my future job possibilities!

So, if you don't have a good Internet connection in your classroom (or none at all!), it should not stop you from showing short (preferable below 10 minutes, unless super interesting!), engaging and relevant videos to spice up the students' learning minds and facilitate discussions. Some students might be sleepy when they come to class, but a juicy YouTube video (You know what I mean!) might just be enough to warm-up their learning minds to actually participate. You probably just need to mention YouTube and Facebook in class, and students are already getting excited.

There are many things we can do to engage and inspire our students to participate and learn. Sometimes a relevant and exciting YouTube video can do the trick. Trust me :)

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Jack Chrysler said...
Krojam allows you to search/browse/watch and download video from YouTube in 1 click.