Sunday, January 26

The Top e-Learning Mover & Shaker of 2013 is Captain Zaid!


Congratulations to all 220 Nominees in #TEMS13, you are all e-Learning Super Heroes!

Congratulations to all 1,861 from around the world who voted giving 6,680 'Votes Up' to their favorite e-Learning Super Heroes (generating 33,000+ views).

Congratulations to all sponsors, which are the International Medical University (IMU), iBerry (The Academic Porthole), WizIQ and Listly.


The mission of #TEMS13 was to:
  1. Challenge all those secret e-learning polls run by panels and algorithms that are annoying (to the least).
  2. Create a transparent and open poll that celebrates the World's top (e-)Learning professionals from all sectors, including primary, secondary, tertiary and corporate learning worlds.
  3. Connect all these amazing (e-)Learning professionals through a poll using Listly and applying a gamified algorithm to encourage them to explore, discover and connect with one another.
  4. Make all these (e-)Learning professionals more 'discoverable' to the world through a unified directory with filters based on the major continents (South America, North-America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa). 
More details about the story behind #TEMS13:


WOW! But, aren't you the guy who is the _____? Yes, I know! But? Yes! But? Yes, I know!

I am still in shock! WOW! The last day of voting in #TEMS13 turned out to be a blockbuster thriller that even Holly or Bollywood would have been proud of. It was basically down to these fantastic four e-Learning Super Heroes to battle it out: 
I was last and needed a miracle to win! Interestingly, not many from IMU (where I work) had voted for me yet, but on that last voting day I got unbelievable and unstoppable support from IMU and IMC to make the difference that separates me from the other three e-Learning Super Heroes. 

It was so thrilling with tenacity that my three main rivals are probably still in shock! Here are some of their tweets during the last day of voting:

Mohamed Amin Embi (Number 2): 
  • "@zaidlearn What 'Magic wand' are you using to make the votes at #TEMS13 for you to increase virtually every 10-15 minutes?" - Source 
  • "@zaidlearn I know. I am just joking. My support are mainly from M'sia. Your support are from M'sia as well as the whole world. Congrats Bro" - Source 
  • "@zaidlearn The fact that you can manage both, YOU are to me the REAL SUPERHERO. Well done Zaid. I am sure others will feel the same. " - Source
  • "The fact that Zaid is managing & playing #TEMS13, He is the REAL SUPERHERO. I am sure others will feel the same. Pls vote @zaidlearn" - Source 
Juandoming (Number 3): 
  • "@zaidlearn @AlfredoPrietoMa @ProfDrAmin uiiiii cuantos votos habeis conseguido en poquitas horas? jejejej felicidades a todos." - Source 
Alfredo Prieto (Number 4):
  • "@zaidlearn congratulations from learning gladiator (@AlfredoPrietoMa ) what a sprint!!" - Source
  • "@zaidlearn 311 votes! Zaid you are the best sprinter, the Usain Bolt of learning! what a final sprint! great victory congratulations." - Source

In short, WE MADE HISTORY in the most thrilling way I can imagine! Thank you everyone who voted, participated and/or promoted #TEMS13 from the bottom of my heart!


*Zaid Ali Alsagoff is not eligible for any awards as he is the originator, organizer, promoter and Twitter MC for #TEMS13.

Top 10 in the World
  1. Zaid Ali Alsagoff
  2. Mohamed Amin Embi (Award: £100 + 1 year commercial subscription to Listly)
  3. Juan Domingo Farnós (Award: 1 year commercial subscription to Listly)
  4. Alfredo Prieto (Award: 1 year commercial subscription to Listly)
  5. Nellie Deutsch
  6. Hasnain Baloch
  7. Amit Garg
  8. Miguel Zapata
  9. Peter Phillips
  10. Jane Hart

Top 10 in Asia-Pacific

Top 10 in North-America

Top 10 in Europe
   2.  Alfredo Prieto
   3.  Miguel Zapata
   4.  Peter Phillips
   5.   Jane Hart
   6.   Martin Baker
   7.   Steve Rayson & Steve Wheeler
   9.   Paul McElvaney
  10.  Donald H Taylor

Top 5 in South-America


  • 1st Prize = £200 (British Pounds)
  • Top 3 will get free (commercial) Listly accounts for a year.
  • The nominee with the highest score (based on the gamified points system revealed below) wins this award, which is the most prestigious of the two awards, because it takes into account who is voting, besides the number of votes. Also, it requires the nominee to show pro-active professionalism and appreciation of the other participating nominees.
...Will be revealed 12 February (2014) during the #TEMS13 Online Award Ceremony (10:00 PM Kuala Lumpur time).


CLICK HERE to attend (and for details). 

The 2 award winners and all the e-Learning Super Heroes nominated will be celebrated before my MOOC talk exploring 'Creative Super Learners'.

Congrats Everyone and looking forward to see you there :)



Unknown said...

Hello Zaid and all other winners..


With best wishes
Ramesh Sharma

Unknown said...

Dear Zaid and all winners

Congratulations, this event speak of your achievements and contributions to the world of e-learning.

With best wishes
ramesh sharma

Frankie Kam said...

Hi Zaid, congratulations and many thanks for this list. Hey not bad, I made it to the list too! I was first from the bottom in the Asia Pacific and I am chuffed (happy) as that makes me easy to find on the loaded we page - just scrolled right to the end, LOL! As for the world list, I made it to the top 10 from the bottom. Again, ez to find. The list made me realize - what a diverse and vast playing field, collaboration field, e-learning is today. And I thought it was just Zaid and me! Haha just kidding bro, keep up the good work!!

Unknown said...

LOL! Frankie Kam you still rock :)

Next, time try to at least mention to others that you have been nominated and then you can get a few votes! But, I know academics don't do such things :)

They want it to come naturally, as if your colleagues or clients are going to discover you are on the list...It rarely happens, and if it does it usually happens to experts that are already known.

Anyway, it is just a poll, more importantly this project managed to discover and connect 220 awesome e-Learning Super Heroes to the world :)

Yes, it was really fun for those that participated too. No play, no gain (on the list) :)

All the best!


Unknown said...

Thanks Ramesh Sharma!

It is always nice to get feedback from a e-Learning Super Hero :)

Stay tuned for the 'e-Learning Super Hero of the Year' award, which will be revealed on February 12 (10 PM KL time)

Prof. Sidiney said...


Thanks for the list. All are great-full member in engagement in the digital literacy.

Great Work!