Tuesday, July 1

Designing Engaging Presentations at IMU!

Looking forward to co-facilitate with Fareeza Marican (Senior Learning Designer at IMU) a workshop on 2 July (2014), focusing on designing engaging presentations based on Gagne's nine events of instruction. It has been some time, since I facilitated a workshop that focuses on Instructional Design (ID), so it will be fun to rediscover my e-learning roots (started of as an Instructional Designer in 2001).

Sadly, Fareeza Marican will be leaving IMU soon to explore a new world (not to be revealed...I seriously don't know either!), but Insya-Allah with her exceptional instructional and creative design abilities, she will do well wherever her destiny takes her. 

Wishing Fareeza the best of the best of the best in her future learning adventures!


In this 2-hour workshop at the International Medical University (IMU), you will learn how to design engaging presentations for e-learning and flipped classroom sessions based on good instructional design practices. In the process, you will explore PowerPoint, Gagne’s 9 Events of instruction and other tools to engage students to learn. 


The presentation slides were co-created by Zaid Alsagoff and Fareeza Marican. However, having our own preferences and flavors, we decided in the end to go both our own ways and have published our own delicious versions on SlideShare, which you all are free to enjoy.

Zaid's version:

Fareeza's version:

Both have value added enriched and contextualized learning juice not mentioned in the other, so you are strongly recommended to explore both. Lucky you! 

I am again learning and rediscovering ID! In a way, I feel like a new born baby that needs to unlearn old habits, and rediscover new ones to keep up with new ID world :)

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