Tuesday, July 22

#MOOC Development Platforms?

Are you looking for an online platform to host and develop your MOOC or Massive Open Online Course(s)?


Below is a growing list of all online platforms that can be used to develop and host MOOCs. They have been divided into various categories to make your MOOCified choice easier:

  • (E) = Elitist
    Only courses from 'World Class' Universities/Organizations. For these MOOC platforms, you need to be 'World Class' or associated with a top (top) University around the world that has signed an agreement to be partner with the non or for-profit organization running the MOOC platform (e.g. Coursera).
  • (D) = Do-It-Yourself
    These MOOC platforms empowers anyone to develop MOOCs. But you are still required usually to fulfill their learning design requirements before your MOOC course can be published (to the public and be searchable in their course database).
  • (U) = University/Organization Centric
    These MOOC platforms are designed to host MOOCs offered by particular Universities/Organizations. Unless you are working for that University/organization or group of Universities/Organizations, you will not be able to use their platform. 


Please vote up your favorites MOOC platforms. Also, please indicate whether you use them and whether you are an expert in using them (for MOOC or online course development).

Looking for a comprehensive list of MOOC specific courses (to learn and explore)? 

CLICK HERE to access the MOOC list! 

Stay tuned for the ultimate (10 - 20 page) guidelines and tips to create sizzling MOOCs with flavor...Coming soon :)  


Sandi Lin said...

Hi Zaid - I wanted to share solutions like Skilljar.com (my company) that enable any organization to launch a MOOC themselves. We are most similar to DIY in your classification. We are used by subject matter experts as well as companies of all sizes to deliver online training courses. Happy to share more if you're interested!


Unknown said...

Dear Sandi,

Skilljar.com enables one to create online courses (hundreds of companies empower that), but where are the free MOOC courses available to public? Demo course is not good enough. Until your solution also has a repository of free MOOC courses to public, then it is not fit to be on this list.

Thanks and warm regards,