Friday, August 1

#MOOCify Malaysia with TouchCast?

WOW! Thanks to my e-mail resource/ideas sharing buddy Paul Kurchina, I just discovered this morning a cool interactive video authoring tool called TouchCast


TouchCast claims to be a new medium that looks like video, but feels like the web. The Desktop version brings powerful features to video producers, including a robust compositing engine, multi-camera support, video import, and Hot Spot creation. 

TouchCast's unique authoring environment allows you to effortlessly add anything from the web, images, and other interactive features into your video in real-time. As you can do your interactive video features on-the-fly there is no, or little need for post-production editing. 


I have yet to try the powerful TouchCast desktop version with multi-camera support, but I did explore the iPad version, and this is what I managed to swoosh up within minutes after playing around with it this morning (Direct link to the video).

(Important Notice: My eyes were looking at the wrong corner of the iPad! Not the camera side....LOL! Blooper!)

CLICK HERE to experience the interactive video on the TouchCast site (More interactive than the embedded one). Please try!


What do you think of the TouchCast iPad (studio) version output (besides my performance)?

If we exclude the lack of crispiness of my cropped self in-front of the background (might be due to iPad camera quality or lighting issues?), it is the coolest interactive video authoring tool I have come across in a long time.

At the moment, you can only record 5 minute videos on the iPad version (for free), and upload up to 60 minutes of your video output to TouchCast's cloud space. Also, there is no post-editing features once you have recorded your interactive video on the iPad version (probably available in the commercial version). 

As I am really NOT an expert in video production, and know that there are many other cool video authoring tools, please suggest other ones that can empower you with a video production studio from a mobile smart device, tablet, notebook or desktop (for free, or a small fee)...

Thank you :)

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murtalakazaure said...

Salam Mr Zaid....this stuff is so amazing, it will save my time and energy. I like it.