Thursday, August 7

Juggling Vine to Learn, Show & Tell!

What can you learn in 6 seconds? 

Or what can you teach (show or tell) in 6 seconds? 


Vine (please don't confuse it with 'Wine'!) is a mobile service (owned by Twitter) that lets you capture and share short looping videos (6 seconds or less). Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine inspires creativity. The Vine app is free for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Today, millions of people are using it around the world, and it is one of the fasting growing social media tools around.


If you thought 60-second lectures were short, what about learning nuggets that are 6 seconds or less? Can Vine be used for learning and teaching at the University level?

Ponder this...

WOW! If humans' attention span is only 8 seconds, then 6 seconds or less could be awesome for a quick learning nugget. Even instructional designers will be impressed if you can chunk your learning nugget to 6 seconds or less.  

As Vine loops (rewinds and play again) the published video content, the mother of all learning techniques is automated into this learning tool...

Finally, Vine is a powerful tool to capture and share learning moments on-the-fly. So, it is another perfect tool for mobile learning and sharing


But, what can you show or tell in 6 seconds or less? The lecturer will only be able to say, "Hi, my name is Zaki. Today I am going to..." CUT!!! 

Vine forces you to get to the point quickly in a creative way to spark that learning moment. Though, perhaps it would have been cool to be given at least 29 seconds or less to show (tutorial), but let's be open minded and explore the learning possibilities with this 6 second video capturing constraint.

Here we go:

Teaching with Vine from Shelly Terrell

WOW! Also, don't forget to explore the 6 Second Science Fair (Creative ways to express science in 6 seconds). 


So, how could we use this mobile learning tool at our University? 

If we are open minded and imaginative, there are actually many ways we could use this tool to inspire learning and student engagement. For example, here are three (3) ways we could use Vine for learning and teaching:
  • Lab Exercises and Experiments
    Lecturers or students use their mobile cameras to capture key moments of their lab experiments. This could be anything from the 'How to' to the 'Outcome'...Kaboong!  
  • Field Trips
    Students' video capturing interesting things discovered while they are on field trips or hospital postings, which can be shared and discussed further with their community or group.
  • Student Assignments
    Students can be assigned to act out scenarios, professional dialogues, how to communicate with patients, role play, storytelling, etc. They could also use it to give feedback and share opinions/critiques on various topics in a course. 

If you need more than 6 seconds, you could always create multiple videos (or scenes). Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc. I am sure, you can think of many other ways to excite learning and spark student engagement using Vine. Just let your imagination go ____!

Imagine: From 45 minute lectures to 6 seconds video learning nuggets. What's next?

The 1-second video learning swoosh :)

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