Friday, October 26

Weekly Discovery Wrap - October 26 (Episode 2)

Ramadan is over (Eid Mubarak to all Muslims reading this blog!), and I should be engrossed in writing my PhD proposal. But, Informal Learning is ADDICTIVE, Sharing Knowledge/Resources is ADDICTIVE (it started of as a habit change exercise in 2004!), Blogging is ADDICTIVE! Since the end of Ramadan, I have been discovering and posting so much juice (Well to my taste!), and the future prospects do not seem good (dealing with this addiction)!

Enough is enough! Anyway, after reflecting my first weekly discovery wrap episode, I believe I will need to change a few things. First, I will post a Weekly Discovery Wrap, every two weeks (which makes perfectly sense!). Each weekly discovery wrap (every two weeks!) will basically rank the posts (e.g. Top 10) that I have posted since the last episode, using a formula that is based on my own limited Practical Intelligence (PI), which might not make any sense to others. Maybe one day when my blog is widely read (2008 perhaps?), I will use something more scientific (e.g. Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Technorati Link Count and Compete People Count). However, for now I will stick to my limited PI formula (Easy to locate my favourite juice!).

Finally, since I have never done this ranking stuff in this blog, I believe the Top 15 list below (next episode only Top 10 or less!) might be quite juicy. Since August, I have posted 79 discoveries, and the Top 15 list below is based on them. The 118 July 2007 discoveries are excluded from this Top 15 list (Collection from my ELC days: 2004 - 2006).

So, here are the Top 15 discoveries since August 2007 (according to my limited PI):


  1. Top 25 Reference Sites + Juice Galore (OEDb)
  2. Secrets of the Super-Learners (Graig Lambert)
  3. The Rapid E-Learning Blog (Practical & Fun!)
  4. Edu2.0 - Free Hosted LMS (or VLE)
  5. Great e-Learning Books Summarized (e-LearningGuru)
  6. Giving Knowledge for Free & OER Stories!
  7. Top 100 Tools for Learning
  8. LectureShare (Share Your Lecture Notes to the World)
  9. NUS + CDTL = T&L e-Books (Simply Awesome!)
  10. Free Books about E-Learning (Jane Knight)
  11. Lecturefox - Free University Lectures!
  12. The eLearning Guild's FREE eBooks (Yummy!)
  13. From Public Speaking Class to CEO of Google (Schmidt)
  14. Warren Buffett's MBA Talk Vs Evolution of Dance
  15. TED Talks (Ideas worth spreading)

If you are new to my blog, I suppose this top 15 list is the best place to feel the juice for starters.

ave a great weekend learning!

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